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JEEP® Revolution BFR-3

$1,319.00 $1,249.00

The Jeep® Revolution BFR-3 is a sturdy go-kart with no fewer than three gears, back-pedal brake and a unique system that allows you to pedal both forwards and backwards! Thanks to the double ball bearings steering is extremely light, making you very manoeuvrable in every curve. The go-kart can be extended with a second seat, for instance, so your friend can join the ride. And if you do want to take a break, you can simply put it upright in the shed!

  • Specs
    • BFR-HUB
    • Off-road tires
    • Tires: ZOO_40_CM
    • Swing axle
    • Double ballbearing
    • Front spoiler
    • Back mud guards