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BERG John Deere BFR

$1,029.00 $979.00

This BERG John Deere go-kart will turn you into the best helper a farmer can wish for! The impressive deep-tread tyres and the swing axle will give you additional grip in the mud and keep you firmly on the ground on uneven terrain! The unique BFR system means you have a back-pedal brake, whilst you can still easily pedal forwards and backwards. For added playing fun, you can fit out this go-kart with lots of great accessories such as a lift bucket, pallet fork or rollbar with flashing light.

  • Specs
    • BFR-HUB
    • Tractor tires
    • Tires: 40cm front 46cm back
    • Swing axle
    • Double ballbearing
    • Number plate
    • Front spoiler
    • Back mud guards
    • TRAXX Exhaust
    • Heavy duty brake pads