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BERG John Deere BFR-3

$1,379.00 $1,279.00

This BERG John Deere BFR-3 will take you on some memorable adventures on the farm! The impressive deep-tread tyres and the swing axle will give you additional grip in the mud and keep you firmly on the ground on uneven terrain. Thanks to the unique BFR-3 system and the three gears you will reach your destination in no time! For added playing fun, you can fit out this go-kart with lots of great accessories such as a lift bucket, pallet fork or rollbar with flashing light.

  • Specs
    • BFR-HUB: 3 Gears
    • Tractor tires
    • Tires: 40cm (f) 46cm (r)
    • Swing axle
    • Double ballbearing
    • Number plate
    • Front spoiler
    • Front mud guards
    • Back mud guards
    • TRAXX Exhaust
    • Heavy duty brake pads